The global PIM based on the GDSN standard

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partners. Globally.

Connect with your partners. Globally.

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How XYXLE will enhance your business

Collaborate with your business partners to work hand in hand for mutual benefits and success. Exchange and distribute information or resources seamlessly and efficient by sharing of items with partners and collaborators, fostering a sense of teamwork and openness. Provide excellent service, support, and an overall positive user experience.


  • Encourage partner to collaborate by pairing within the data pool, facilitating a comprehensive and unified view of information
  • The process of pairing data sources is user-friendly and straightforward, allowing users to connect their datasets effortlessly. 
  • Features that enhance paired data with complementary information, maximizing its value and insights


  • Control with whom you are sharing, fostering trust among users and maintaining data integrity.
  • Customizable sharing settings that allow users to define access levels and permissions, granting specific partners or collaborators appropriate data access.
  • Real-time data sharing to ensure all stakeholders have access to the most current and relevant information.


  • Prioritize data privacy and comply with relevant regulations, demonstrating a commitment to handling user data with the utmost care and respect.
  • Offer responsive partnership support to address any concerns or queries promptly between partners.
  • Regularly update and enhance product information based on partners feedback and evolving needs, showcasing a dedication providing exceptional services regarding core date accuracy towards your partners. 


It is a fact that accurate data for a digital presentation of products is key. Not only for your employees but also your partners which are selling your products. Huge online shops are not able to handle all this information in a reasonable manner. xyxle builded therefore a platform to normalize your data based on a global standard (GDSN) and beyond. Easy accessible in different manners, to be used in various channels to ease your live and keep everybody up-to-date. 

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