Hosting & Security Statement


We take security seriously. Several mechanisms have been implemented in order to assure an optimal protection of our customer’s data.


We work with one of the best providers in Europe. We have a contract that covers 100% SLA, 24x7x365 Monitoring, Unlimited SMS and Email alerts, Fully Dedicated network connections.

Server configuration:

We have taken into consideration these aspects when referring to our servers:

  • All data transfers and communication is done through an encrypted channel (https)
  • Our servers have been secured by a competent company (firewall setup, antivirus software, restricted ports and restricted access per IP for sensitive sections)
  • We keep complete access logs to the servers
  • We do automatic daily backups of the entire database in a different datacenter

Security through code:

  • Users can share data just with the partners they explicitly select. By default access to items is denied to everyone
  • We have protected our system from threats like XSS/SQL Injection
  • Access to different sections is restricted carefully based on user rights
  • We log users access and activity on the platform 24/7
  • We store just irreversible encrypted passwords
  • We have strict deployment procedures

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